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Camp Harrison H. Child Staff

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Here you'll find some answers to tech questions about the site. If you have a technical issue or question not answered here, mail Bill Pellowe.

What is that "Preferences" box in the top right corner?

It changes the page colors and the letter sizes.

The "Preferences" box doesn't change anything.

The colors only change if your browser (the Internet software you're using now) is relatively new (generally, a version higher than version 4). For example, I see very few changes with my Netscape 4.7. This doesn't really matter that much.

What're the default colors?

Each time you visit, the website will "flip a coin" to decide which color scheme to give you (grey or green). Whichever is randomly chosen will remain your default on subsequent pages, unless you change it with the "Preferences" box you see in the top right corner of every page.

Does this site use cookies?

Cookies are useful, and are not necessarily bad things. But no, this site doesn't use them because they weren't necessary, except in the chat area.

How do I change my profile page?

On the Camp Child staff list page, under each name is the "edit" icon (a pencil and a piece of paper). Find your name, and click on your "edit" image. You'll come to a page where you'll be able to edit your information.

How do I remove my information?

Contact us with your request. We will take care of this as soon as possible (please allow between 12 and 36 hours).

How do I add my information?

At the top and bottom of the "staff contact list" page, there's a link for adding addtional people.

Chat's not working

We deleted the chat. It wasn't being used, and when we moved servers in May 2008, it seemed like there wasn't a need to install it. If there's a need for one, though, we can put one in without much fuss.

How do I add pictures to the photo gallery?

At the top of the gallery pages, there's a link that says "add a picture". Click that and follow the on-page instructions.

How do I delete a picture?

Click the trash can next to the picture. The next page asks for your edit key. Provide that, and the picture will be deleted. If you're having problems, contact us

I want to delete a picture of me that someone else uploaded.

Contact us and describe the situation.

My photo shows up too big!

Bill can resize the photos for you. If you're scanning or taking digital photos, see if you can make the pictures 72 dpi. That's the resolution of most people's computer monitors. Photo-quality pictures have a much higher dots-per-inch resolution, so they'll show up much larger than expected on computer monitors. Check the manual of your camera or scanner for more info.

Clicking the pictures for full-size does not work.

You probably have javascript turned off.

That's not me!

If a picture on your "personal photos" page isn't you, contact us and we'll straighten it out.

What's an edit key?

It's a personal password used...

I forgot my edit key

From the Camp Child staff list, click the "edit" picture under your name. The next page has a button you can click to get your edit key mailed to you.

I don't have an edit key

From the Camp Child staff list, click the "edit" picture under your name. You can add an edit key there.

Why do we need an edit key?

Some members maintain the contact information for other members who do not have internet access. The current solution seemed to be the most practical one. If changes are needed, we can make a different system.

Can I use my edit key for more than one profile?

Yes. If you're taking care of other people's profiles for them, you can use the same edit key for multiple profiles.

Someone else was doing my profile...

The most secure way to swap control over a profile is this:

  1. The person doing the profile goes to the list of camp staff and clicks the "edit" icon.
  2. Then, they change the access key to something else using the "Change Edit Key" form.
  3. Next, they e-mail you with the new edit key.
  4. You log on to the site and repeat steps 1 and 2.
This way does seem over the top between friends (and we're all friends here) but it's the way to ensure things run smoothly.

If I manage more than one profile, and change one profile's edit key, do all the others change automatically?


If I change my edit key, do I have to change stuff with the photo gallery too?

No. The photo gallery just remembers who uploaded the photo.

How do I get a password?

If you're a former Camp Child staff person, request access to the site.

I forgot the password.

It can be sent to you automatically via the login recover page.

The password doesn't work and the login recover page says my e-mail can't be found!

Triple-check that you're using the right e-mail and the correct login details, because that situation would only happen to people who have been kicked out, and it hasn't been necessary to do this to anyone.

Chat software credits:

The chat is phpMyChat. Our version has been scaled down from the original because we didn't need multiple chatrooms, user registration accounts and other features available in phpMyChat.

Photo gallery credits:

The gallery is mostly custom work but core areas started with vital input from other sources. The image pop-up window code started with code snips by janoma_cl (scroll down to the post by janoma_cl). The image upload pages started from an article called Creating a Multi-File Upload Script in PHP.

Forum credits:

The forum is phpBB 2.0.8a with the attachments modification by

Staff list, profiles credits:

This is all custom work.

Development software:

The html and php scripting is written by hand using UltraEdit-32 text editor. It's excellent.